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Libra. Unexpected geometries.

Libra Matte Thyme

Libra Matte Grey salt

Libra Matte Truffle

Libra Matte Caviar

Libra Matte Oyster

Libra Matte Milk

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Libra Shine Bronze

Libra Shine Copper

Libra Shine Aluminum

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Style is in the air, as an atmosphere, as a concept, even before it is given form. A design that reinterprets a classic to seek out its essence. 
Attentive study of detail gives rise to Libra, in which juxtapositions, contrasts and harmonies are born out of an unusual, almost masked use of irregular geometries. Modules are randomly combined to create effects of chiaroscuro, light and shadow. Libra adds a new dimension to surfaces, make them vibrate under the effect of slight shifts. Colour variables open up a range of possibilities, from the timeless taste of neutral hues to today’s metallic sheens. A new finish with a rough look feels unexpectedly smooth to the touch, in perfect harmony with the matter and substance of Libra: ductile and surprising - like the Libra constellation that gives it its name.