Wellness & Pool

Wellness & Pool

Wellness oases discover the decorative side of mosaics. Swimming pools, saunas, bath halls, spas, beauty farms and shower rooms take on intense shades or express themselves through original decoration motifs. Mosaics allow covers to play the starring role and highlight shapes, visually transmitting pleasantly relaxing sensations.


Single press firing ceramic mosaic offering outstanding appearance, resistance and strength

Pratical, hygienic, easy to mantain product. Resistant ton stains, steam and mould

100 colors, 6 finishes, 4 sizes

Adaptable to volumes and constructions of any shape. Perfect for covering curved surfaces with a minimum curve radius. Trim and special pieces avaible.

Sizes ½" x ½", 1"x 1", 2"x4", 4"x 4", thinckness 7.2 mm assembled on net for easy installation

Antislip surfaces in accordance with interantional standards (R10,R11,R12) to use in wet areas, on steps and around pools

Guaranteed vertical grip under water. Resistant to bending stress and thrust due to water pressure

Perfect material for pools containing sulphurous water and for covering therapeutic and chromotherapy areas

Pleasing soft touch effect

Customized geometric and figurative compositions avaible on demand